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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

This Monday let’s talk about the motor! The generator motor that is. Have you serviced yours recently? With this quarantine and less places being available to bring your rig, you’re still going to need to change those filters and oil. Refer to your owners/maintenance manual for your specific type of generator. There is an interval for all service required on your generator. Some are as quick as 25 hours of use.

Ensure you’re purchasing the right oil, filters, and seals for your generator. Failure to do this could void your warranty and also cause erratic function.

Finally, before you turn your generator off, ensure that it has no load running on it for a period of time (again, owners manual). Shutting it down with a load could cause the stator to throw a winding or short out.

If you have questions or need service, reach out and I’ll help you do it or schedule a time to perform the service for you. Proper maintenance will keep your generator running smooth and giving you that power we all love and need.

Oil change on Generac Generator in RV
Me changing oil on generator

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