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Tool Day, Multimeter

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Today I want to show you a tool I have in my toolbox. Why you ask? Because there are some tools that are good to have in your rig for personal use. You never know what tools you need until you need them and don't have them.

This was my first purchase when it came to meters. I didn't realize how much I would end up using them when I started out in my house a few years ago and I have since upgraded after graduating RV Tech School, but it is a good starter. I am not sponsored by Southwire, but I like their products and use them to this day with my meter, amp clamp, and a couple other testers.

A meter for your RV will help you when trying to identify and troubleshoot issues with your electric system. You want one that can test AC and DC voltage at a minimum. This one also comes with an outlet tester. Very good for determining if you have reverse polarity (which does happen at RV Parks). The no contact tester is also a cool little tool to check for voltage without your meter in hand. I need to see if it will detect "Hot Skin" one day. If you're in need of electrical help in your RV, I am here to assist you and will walk you through using your meter while troubleshooting. Don't let a problem with your RV linger because the shop can't get you in. Look for a mobile RV Tech to come fix your problem or call me and I will help you through video chat. You'll be able to see the issue, learn how to fix it, and know more about the inner workings of your rig. Reach out today and get your rig back to working order!

No contact, Multimeter, Outlet tester
Southwire Electrical Tools

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