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Water Heater Anode Rod

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

When was the last time you serviced & inspected your water heater? 🤔

Suburban water heaters require an Anode rod due to its construction of porcelain lined steel, to protect it. The anode is the sacrificial lamb that prolongs the life of your tank.

It should be inspected at least annually, however it also depends on the type of water you’ve been putting into your tank. Another consideration is if your water is filtered. HIGHLY recommend a filter be installed on your lines going into your rig!

With this virus going around, you will likely have reminders of when you were quarantined with the family, wishing TP was restocked, and the odd addition of booze fund added to your budget. What a great time to remember to change/inspect your anode rod!!! The picture shows two anode rods. The one on the right is VERY dead and the left is brand new. If your rod is very dead, you probably have a lot of sediment in your tank that needs to be cleaned out. *IMPORTANT* Consult your owners manual before conducting any maintenance or inspection on your water heater. After the rod, inspect all of the components and look for dents, cracks, and corrosion. Refer to the manual for inspection criteria.

If you need assistance or would like a whole systems service, reach out to me and we can set up a date and time. #mobilervtech #inspections #suburban #waterheater #anode#prevention #onmywayrvservice

Good water heater Anode rod left and bad rod right
Water Heater Anode Rod

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